The Return of Sassy Mamas


Due to popular demand, Sassy Mamas returns to a packed house at The Ensemble Theatre.

These powerful leading ladies flipped the script on the stereotypes of dating when they decide they deserved to have a little fun in their life.

As characters, Will (played by award winning actress Detria Ward), Jo Billy, and Mary embark on the naughty, self-pleasing journeys the audience cannot help but to get swept up in the excitement, even relate to.

The sold-out crowd seemed to really identify with these characters, as this play not only fit the demographic of 45 and up. Younger audience members can enjoy seeing women their mom’s age and men close to 20 years younger. The personalities of the characters’ shines through and help the audience keep focus.

As the characters lived out their fantasies, the house filled with laughter in every scene. The cast really brought these lovable characters to life, having as much fun playing their roles as the playwright could have ever intended.

Sassy Mamas return to The Ensemble was a huge hit opening weekend –  literally a romantic comedy for the ages.


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