SZA’s The CTRL Tour


        Ravyn Lenae

Hundreds of loyal fans stood outside in the rain for hours as SZA’s sold out concert  at Warehouse live on October 3, 3017. The doors finally opened at around 8:30pm, giving into excitement as people filed into the room.


Smino and Ravyn Lenae were SZA’s openers. Ravyn Lanae was the first opener to SZA’s CTRL Tour. Ravyn Lanae (Seen on the left) made the crowd come alive after being anxious for hours, while setting the atmosphere and mood for the audience. Her ties with R&B, made her performance very attention grabbing, giving a more relaxed feeling to the performances while easing everybody’s nerves.




Smino (Seen on the right) was the 2nd performer to SZA’s CTRL Tour. He gave a very lively performance, while also gaining new fans. He performed music from his current album that is out, while also performing a few hits from the well-known artist Nelly.



SZA began her performance at approximately 10:30pm. As SZA performed her well known hits, the crowd went crazy over the excitement and attitude she brought with her. Mostly everyone sung and danced along to all of her songs. SZA was excited and full of energy.


In the middle of  her performances SZA performed her hit song “Love Galore” and Travis Scott made a guest appearance and performed his verse of the song. Everyone was so pleasantly surprised by his appearance and it gave more excitement to the room.

Travis Scott

SZA gave fans the opportunity to participate in a raffle that allowed them to hang out with her if they gave donations. It was inspiring to see a popular artist using their platform as a way to help and give awareness to issues that happening in the world, especially with the hurricanes that been hitting the US and its territories.

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