Fenty Beauty Hits Houston

After just two and a half weeks of hitting the sleek shelves of Sephora, Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty Beauty, continues to impress and attract women of all ages. I recently stopped by my local Sephora at Willowbrook Mall to check out all the hype. Upon entering he Fenty Beauty section of Sephora, I felt like I was looking at search engine results of the aftermath of a Black Friday sale. Still, young women of all skin tones flocked over the famous forty shades of foundation that the line offers. Rihanna, understanding the struggle for many women to find their perfect shade, has made it clear that the inclusion of all skin tones in her line was a very important factor when creating Fenty Beauty. “Fenty” which was a name given to infants born into noble families and happens to be her last name, fitting for the queen that she is.

After scoping out line, I quickly realized that the excitement over Fenty Beauty translated over to the employees of Sephora as well. As soon as the word “Fenty” uttered from my mouth , a smile was immediately planted across Kaja Senay’s face as she exclaimed “I could write a book about it!” As the interview progressed, Senay mentioned that the Fenty Beauty products were affordable, and continued to praise Rihanna’s decision to start the line. When asked about who was buying the product, she informed me that there was no specific target, but that nobody above forty-five had been buying anything from the line. Senay also explained that the item from Fenty Beauty that was being purchased the most was a highlighter called Trophy Wife.

I was also able to interview a potential buyer of Fenty Beauty products, and a customer whom already purchased it. Shawanna Green, 24, may have not been as enthusiastic as Senay, but seemed just as pleased with the line, calling it “universal.” Green also felt that it was “Good she came out with lip gloss”, and that Rihanna has already had a great impact throughout her career. Texas native and proud customer of Fenty Beauty products, Kayla Green, has been doing makeup for almost six years and shared the same sentiments about Rihanna. She animatedly communicated that “Whenever someone you know, as big as her comes out with something like a makeup line its very exciting.” Green also believed that Fenty Beauty would expand Rihanna’s fan base by stating that “Even if they don’t like her music, they may like her makeup.” When discussing the diversity of  foundation shades Fenty Beauty provides, she glorified Rihanna’s decision by expressing “I think it’s awesome because most brands don’t consider how different people’ skin shades are.” As the interview came to a close Green advised anyone who is thinking about purchasing Fenty Beauty products to “Get it.”

I think it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning of success for Fenty Beauty  products and that even more will transpire. With a wide range of foundation shades, affordable price, and the support of her fans the sky is the limit for Rihanna.



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