Kingsman: Golden Circle Review

Kingsman: Golden Circle Review

Rating: R

Cast: Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Mark Strong, Elton John.

Director: Matthew Vaughn



Kingsman lives on again! Matthew Vaugh has done an impeccable job on revamping the movie series by introducing a sequel to the first movie, ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ with introduction of ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’.

Following the events of ‘Kingsman: Secret Service’, we see our beloved characters again battling a new enemy, Julianne Moore’s character, Poppy – a drug dealer who must live in isolation due to her business. The protagonist Eggsy, played by Taron Egerton, a Kingsman secret agent under his former predecessor’s code name “Galahad” is being target by Charlie, played by Edward Holcroft, who is one of Poppy’s henchmen of her drug cartel group, “The Golden Circle”. As Eggsy battles with the new enemies of the Golden Circle, he must also overcome everybody’s worst nightmare, meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time, who are the King and Queen of Sweden. The Kingsman agency is in danger when Poppy destroys their agency leaving only Eggsy and Merlin, played by Mark Strong, to go to America and gain the help of their American counterparts, The Statesman.

The ‘Kingsman: Golden Circle’ was an attention-grabbing movie that with my willing compliance, I could not take my eyes off. This movie is one you should use the restroom beforehand to avoid missing any scenes this movie offers. Normally, I tend to be someone who looks around the movie theater to survey the audience but the whole movie was so great on how it draws in the audience where I did not want to miss a thing.

The movie opens out with an action scene between the main protagonist, Eggsy (Egerton) and revenge seeking enemy, Charlie (Holcroft) who was a rejected Kingsman trainee and assumed to be killed in the last movie. Charlie threats Eggsy which erupts into a fight and car chase scene from the very get go. As a detail, oriented person, who has a special place in her metaphoric heart for cinematography, this movie did not disappoint. The wide shots of the scenery help show the dynamic fight scene between Eggsy and Charlie as well as show the line of cars that’s following them during the fight. It creates the sense of suspense that makes the viewer anxious on how the fight will prevail and what the outcome will be like for protagonist.

Since the story continues off from the last movie, we see Eggsy in a new light from when we first see him in the ‘Kingsman: Secret Service’, an unsure, immature young man who becomes a suave, highly-skilled agent in ‘Kingsman: Golden Circle’. It loses what the audience had to relate to the character with his new attitude in the new movie but gains it back when movie introduces a relatable situation that many couples go through, meeting loved one’s parents for the first time. It gives a refreshing element to the quirky spy movie of Kingsman that helps with the comedy relief and almost satire motive of the movie. Eggsy’s loyal nature is shown again when one of his missions requires him to seduce a girl and he is hesitant since he has a girlfriend. A different take in the spy movie genre and it makes Everton’s character more lovable than before.

Kingsman does a great job of creating complex villains rather than the one-sided antagonists who sits on their spinning chair, twirling their moustache as they wait for their plan for world domination to take place.  The audience is introduced to Poppy (Moore), a cheerful, Harley-Quinn like character whose charismatic charm and wit can make anyone do the vilest of things. She is drug cartel ring-leader and the founder of “The Golden Circle”, a secret crime syndicate. Moore’s take on this character, Poppy is similar to Moore’s other roles in the ‘Hunger Games’ series but with a very different personality and persona that contrasts with her previous roles, showing the range of her acting abilities she can reach. I applaud how she had make a character so charming but dangerous with a single smile.

Poppy proceeds to destroy the Kingsman’s multiple headquarters leaving Eggsy and Kingsman’s tech support, Merlin (Strong) to join forces with their American counterparts, the Statesman. This introduces the idea to the audience the difference between the British and American agencies, a metaphor for the different between the British and Americans, even the way each country speaks English.

Despite being very contrasting to each other; they are each other’s allies.From the Statesman, we are introduced to the much anticipated, Channing Tatum’s character, Tequila. For fans of Channing Tatum, I’m going to be blunt and say that Tatum doesn’t have a lot of screen time as the posters and trailers seem to be applying. Regardless, I enjoyed his character, quite different from his other film characters but I applaud the fact that he’s more muscular than the Kingsman agents fitting his cowboy character look.

Now, if you love Elton John or having a queer, gay icon beat up bad guys, then this movie is for you. Being part of the LGBTQA+ community and a fan of Elton John, I love the comic relief and action he brings into Kingsman: Golden Circle. Every time he was on screen, I couldn’t stop laughing or anyone else in the audience around me for that matter, whether it was the funny antics, the situations revolving around him, his outfits, or his references. It’s something any Elton John fan would enjoy! Another refreshing element to the spy movie genre, a gay icon. That being said, it is recommended to do a bit of Elton John research beforehand like his old movies and songs but it’s not necessary and funny to anyone who does not understand them regardless. The amount of screen time for Elton John is more than Channing Tatum but both were great additions to the movie.

Once again, the wide shots of the vast scenery were incredible, they not only occupy more of the screen of the theatre and immersing the audience but helps demonstrate the time frame and location shift of the plot instead of confusing the audience.

If you haven’t seen the first movie, ‘Kingsman: Secret Service’, you definitely need to do so. It is vital to being able to understand most of the movies references, characters and their significance, and helps with the plot of ‘Kingsman: Golden Circle’. References and foreshowing are more prominent than Channing Tatum’s cameo and my ego, so keep your eyes out for those sneaky hints throughout the movie, they make it so enjoyable and fun to spot.

The movie hints of drug use is teaching a moral of do not try to attempt hard drugs especially when they’re dispensed by an evil villain and to not judge those who does use cannabis, to let go of the stigma that is hold against users. The movie also makes a good point of that while harsh drugs are legal; sugar, coffee, and alcohol are drugs that are lethal but are still lethal. The movie also points fun of a president who is quick to judge and makes irrational decisions, much like a president we all now know.

Final thoughts:

Overall, it was a fantastic movie, I would rate it 8.5 stars out of 10 (4 out of 5 stars) and definitely buy another ticket to watch again. I highly suggested it watching it to all my friends. While it did reuse the plot of spy and drug cartel enemy, that’s predominant in many spy movies; Golden Circle helps balance out any clichés the spy genre has to offer with references, Easter eggs, famous celebrity cameos, beautiful scenery, amazing actors, and well-thought out characters. I never say this before, but this sequel was better than the first.

Since the movie is rated R, I would not advise on bringing children under a middle school level due to references of sex and violence that are shown on the movie. Even though, I did see kids in the theatre with me, some were even slightly older than being a toddler; it was more of a movie with violent action scenes with one sexual nature scene. There were a lot of alcohol and drug references that can be a problem for children to understand at an early age. Please be advise when going to watch with children.

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    Very nice review! I will definitely try and see it this weekend. Right after i watch the first one again of course.

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    Thanks for this great review! I love all of the wonderful attention to detail, and all of the insight. I will definitely go and see this movie.

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    What an awesome review! Good job for the first time. It’s very professional and insightful. I’m definitely looking forward to many other reviews from you in the future. Very well done! Thanks, I’ll be looking forward to see the movie.


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