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The highs and lows of Free Press Summer Festival 2017

Houston’s annual outdoor music festival, Free Press Summer Festival, was held downtown at Eleanor Tinsley Park this past weekend from June 3rd to the 4th and boy was it memorable!

There was a lot of good but also a lot of bad at this highly anticipated event. With a line up ranging from musical artist such as Flume, Solange, G-Eazy, Carnage, Cage the Elephant, Trill Sammy, Lil Uzi Vert and much more you would expect the crowds to be dancing for 48 hours during this two day festival. Sadly that wasn’t the case.

The first disappointment came from the FPSF Twitter Account which announced that rapper, Lil Uzi Vert wouldn’t be performing on Saturday June 3rd due to unforeseen circumstances.

Though this caused a lot of unrest from fans, Trill Sammy’s performance helped alleviate some of the pain from fans. The musical artist performed fan favorites such as “Uber Everywhere”. Fans showed up and showed out in the blazing Houston sun to catch his performance on the Neptune Stage. He also performed his new single, “Look At That” and “Road Runnin” before jumping into the crowd with his fans for the ultimate turn up. He made sure to hype the crowd; though it didn’t last forever due to the inevitable rain that followed.

The evacuation plan was a mess as well as the sheets of rain pouring down from the sky which caused the entire event to go on pause. The frustration was certainly felt by concertgoers and many even expressed it by chanting, “free press sucks” while evacuating. Thousands of people waited in garages in Downtown Houston and weren’t too happy about it either.

However, once the thunderstroms, thundering, and lightning cleared the crowds were anxious to get back inside and build on the adrenaline started. The trek to the Budweiser stage was on for Post Malone. But first, one had to endure the mud. No matter what stage you chose, there was mud. The beautiful green grass was no more and mud covered the shoes, ankles, and legs of EVERYONE. R.I.P. to the grass because mud became the new norm. And the worst thing about it was that to get to the stage where Post Malone was performing everyone had to walk down a hill (or rather mud slide down the hill).

But after all of the waiting for the rain to stop that in no way stopped the excitement. The Budweiser stage was packed and everyone packed into the mud like a can of sardines to enjoy the performance of Post Malone. He indeed brought the party back to the park with the help of his hottest song out with rapper, Quavo, “Congratulations”. The fans let go and entirely forgot that they were jumping in mud for this one.

He also performed “Go Flex”, “Too Young”, “White Iverson” and more!

Carnage also contributed to the strong nightclub feel of the night following the rain disappointment. His mix of radio hits and original music hyped the crowd and kept the Mercury Stage rocking.

Due to the inevitable rain and flash flooding, Day 2 was canceled early and headliners such as Flume, Lorde, Solange, and Tove Lo didn’t receive the chance to perform. Nevertheless, fans were still able to dance the night away free at White Oak Music on a first come first serve basis. Artist, Anime, Deep Cuts and Portugal. The Man took the stage to close out this year’s music festival.

The organizers have a lot of planning to do to figure out if they can save the esteemed festival that Houstonians love. Whether that includes changing the dates, location, or line-up, they have a lot to do. Nevertheless, this year’s Free Press Summer Music Festival should have been free.


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