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The XX warms the hearts of many at Revention Music Center

buy Lyrica online canada British band The XX performed at Revention Music Center Tuesday, May 9th and there was not an open seat or dry eye left in the house.

where to buy provigil in malaysia The opening act was also a British upcoming artist named Sampha whose melodic voice , electro-beat, and contemporary piano performance lead to a great opening for The XX. His set featured songs from his latest album “Process”.  


As The XX entered the stage the crowd erupted into applause.


Their soothing electronic ballads carried through the entire venue while each persons eyes were locked on Oliver (base guitar and vocals) and Romy (guitar and vocals) to see if they could catch those lucky moments when they would come from each side of the stage to meet together.

Romy took the spotlight for a moment to break into her solo song ” Performance”. The emotional ballad gave the audience members chills as she took over the stage as Oliver sat and admired her strong performance.

The Duo came back immediately with the same chemistry they led with the first song.



During the song break Oliver shared the story of how he visited NASA upon visit to Houston and had a great time, leading the crowd to roar in approval.

During the closing performance the show was enhanced by and amazing lighting show that accompanied the set.

 If you are fan The XX it will definitely be a worth wild experience to watch them in a live performance. Their music is for brought a wide range of age groups to Revention Music Center, ranging from early teens to late 30s attended the performance. Grabbing a ticket to catch this amazing duo will definitely be worth it!

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