2017 is the year for controversial shows


http://stonerite.co.uk/product/imperial-red-granite-heart-memorial-ec157/ It has been impossible to log on to social media without seeing the buzz about the two most controversial Netflix shows, ” 13 Reasons Why” and ” Dear White People”. 

These Netflix originals have not only stirred up uncomfortable conversation about touchy subjects such as teen suicide, racism, and rape culturebut also turned social media into a breading ground for relate able memes based on these popular shows.

Recently Dear White People has reached a almost unreachable measure of 100% on rotten tomatoes , while 13 Reason Why is sitting at 86%.

While the conversation has been unstoppable there is still a good amount of backlash from each show  with articles on the web asking the question ” Should we let our teens watch these show?”

Why not? The amount of teens that could actually relate to some of the horrific and saddening scenes brought up in both shows is much to high to not have them watch. Weather they relate to the bullied or the bully it is impossible to not walk away from each show feeling different or more ” Woke” then before watching.

Empathy is lacking in this generation as social media has made it popular to make jokes out of someones insecurities or lack there of. There should be many more shows like this praised by the bluntly realistic points made about what goes on in everyday life.

Individuals today need to be –

These shows popularity has stricken conversation and should continue to. 2017  starting off with these controversial shows have been a definite plus and will be a trend to hopefully continue on throughout the year.


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