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Mother’s Day Blues

go to link With Mother’s Day just a few days away, I’m really lost on what to do and give my mom.

follow link My mom deserves the world, but sadly she can not get just that. Throughout the years, I have given her jewelry, clothes, flowers, money, taken her out to her favorite places and even hand-crafted her some gifts. What can I possibly do now? What do you buy a person that gave you life and has done everything for you? Of course, you’re just as confused as me. I need answers!

I could buy her a gift and tell her how much I love her. But that just isn’t enough. How can you repay someone who has done so much for you? She has fed me, clothed me, protected me and has given me everything I asked for. I mean even when she said no, I still got whatever I asked for. This is the most stressful holiday. EVER.

I can only continue to give off my unconditional love to my mother and day by day “try” to repay her for everything she has done and still is doing for me. Let’s just hope and pray everything turns out for the best and I come to my senses and give her the best gift.

Which is me.

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