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Senior Jitters

So, I will admit, I’m a very busy person. I work multiple jobs, take AP courses, work the soundboard at church, am an officer in ROTC, and volunteer. On top of that, I rarely say no to invites to events or more work. But now, senior year has hit me hard, and with that, senior activities.

Why are they so expensive?

Senior year is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be a great send-off for kids who have worked for thirteen long years to get where they are now. It’s supposed to be the final payoff for what’s truly been the journey of a lifetime. But instead?

This is honestly the most stressful year i’ve had yet, and it’s all coming to a head with the newest obstacle: senior month.

Senior month seems like just another microcosm of everything else going on this year, if i’m being honest. I finally got my senior dues out of the way at the end of November ($200), which included my senior trip to the water park, my prom ticket, senior breakfast, senior skate, and a trip to the zoo.

It doesn’t cover cap and gown, yearbook, class rings, pictures, or my date’s ticket.

Sure, prom is paid for, but you know what isn’t? Transportation ($50.00 a couple), my dress ($110.00, thankfully discounted from $400.00 ), my shoes (minimum $60.00),  my hair ($140.00)– I don’t even know the price of everything else.

It’s one night, for god’s sake. This is honestly crazy.

But everything else is so crazy, so I guess why not one more thing? Double crazy. Triple crazy. QUADRUPLE CRAZY.

As soon as I cross that graduation stage, go through all the pomp and circumstance of family members and grad parties, thanks and congrats?


If you need me, i’ll be asleep.

N. Freeman
N. Freeman is a seventeen year old queer mixed-race creative from Canton, Ohio, now based in Houston at the Chronicle after eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. They like dancing, drawing, graphic design, painting, writing, singing in the shower, baking, horseback riding, long walks on the beach, and cute animals. Freeman is a Virgo who only believes in Astrology when it says something positive. They are a firm believer in intersectional justice, the power of a good nap, and healthy self expression.

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