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Deputy killing: suspect committed suicide

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neurontin 300 mg discontinued Greenwood was fatally shot April 3 outside the Baytown courthouse at the 700 block of West Baker. He radioed in for help, reportedly saying “I’m bleeding out.” He was rushed to Memorial Herman Hospital by Life Flight where he later died.¬†Officers responded immediately searching for all suspects.

orlistat Authorities said 64-year-old William Francis Kenny committed suicide last week outside Ben Taub Hospital. But little did the authorities know Kenny was the killer. Baytown police said investigators developed information identifying Greenwood’s killer, Kenny. The surveillance video of Kenny and the vehicle that helped them put the pieces together in the murder investigation really helped.¬†After further investigation, officers learned that Kenny killed himself the day after he allegedly shot Greenwood. Police said he shot himself with the same gun that he used to kill Greenwood.

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