Family turns murder-suicide tragedy into triumphant prevention walk

additional hints July 13, 2016 is a tragic day the Myles family will never forget.
It was the very same day their loved one Chloe Love committed suicide and murdered her ex-girlfriend.
During that fateful summer, the Myles family would be at the center of a murder investigation and their family – victims of a suicide.
“I recalled being at home. It was summertime. My mom and I were going to go shopping that day but she left the house and it was just me and my cousin. That is when my aunt came and got us,” former Worthing student Briana Myles recalled. “I had no idea what was about to take place – all I know was that the feeling was like a deep hurting pain.”
Authorities contacted her family telling them that they needed to come out to Nacogdoches. It was then they learned that Love was in intensive care.
“I went back there and turned around because it was a terrible thing to see her in that condition,” Myles said.
The family then learned Love had died.
“I was shocked from the news about my sister’s death and I was even more startled hearing news her ex-girlfriend’s death was ruled at a homicide.” Myles said.
According to reports, Love, 22, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Before she turned the gun on herself, she shot and killed her ex-girlfriend.
Love’s mother, ShaVondra, said she has experienced a feeling like no other.
“Losing your child, someone that is near and dear to your heart is a feeling that I can never explain and it is a feeling that no parent should ever have to go through,” she said. “Our lives changed that day because not only did I lose my daughter, I lost a piece of my heart and I don’t know how I am recovering from this loss. I can’t question God’s will.”
While trying to heal, the Myles family had to deal with backlash – social media only made matters worse.
“There were two sides to the story and these were two young ladies who never got a chance to tell their side. No one knew exactly why it had happened and what took place the night that led to Chloe killing her ex-girlfriend and turning the gun on herself,” Myles said. “I never pictured this day coming – never!
Myles said she and her mother decided to turn their hurt into an opportunity to help other families facing the same battles. They teamed up and sponsored the first suicide prevention walk.
Family and friends came out to help support the Myles family.
The Myles family said they wanted to shed a light of recovery and relief.
“The first march was actually very successful being that it was kind of short notice. We had a great turn out. Many family members’ friends of my sister, friends of my mom. We also got shirts made for the walk. Many people at the walk were surprised that we were there being that my sister’s death was so fresh,” Myles said.
The teen said it was hard to remain positive during that time.
“To those going through the same thing, I would say to know that it is OK to cry and be hurt,” Myles said. “For myself, I know at first I tried to hold it all in so I could be strong for my mom but I realized that that would not work and I would hurt myself in the long run. I would also say to pray, because I am a firm believer that prayer changes things. Talk about the good times you shared with the person. Share memories. Talk to people try not to hold things in. Keep them alive in your life.”
Myles said they are planning another walk in her sister’s memory.
Even though sister’s suicide brought pain to both members of the community and her family, Myles said she hopes the first walk has made a difference for families of those who committed suicide.

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