Worthing teen left to fend for herself after mother’s death

Check This Out In an ideal world, growing up with two parents would be considered the norm.
That is not the case for many teens.
For years, B’younce Allen, managed to make the best of her one-parent situation.
That all changed one cold December day for the 17-year-old junior at Worthing High School.
Allen never had the luxury of having her father in the home. He has been incarcerated since she was born. It was her mother that provided the support she needed to function from day to day.
On December 20, 2015, her mother lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.
“My mother was my biggest supporter,” then teen said. “She had been there with me through it all.”
Since her mother’s death, the road has not been an easy one; however, the teen says she is grateful for the older sister Ashley.
Allen’s 23-year-old sister has been providing for the family since their mother died. She works at a nursing home and uses the money to pay for their apartment and to take care of her sister.
According to Allen, she has a relationship with her father but not nearly as close as what she had with her mother.
“I have a relationship with him but of course we can’t see each other
every day. I never write him but I do visit him about five times a year
depending on whenever my grandmother can take me,” the teen said.
Allen’s father was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison and it is still questionable when he will be released.
“(I think) he has eight years left in prison,” she said.
Despite her personal challenges, Allen is still able to maintain her position on the A/B honor roll and be an active player on the varsity volleyball team.
“I try to separate school away from my personal life. When I’m at school, it’s school time and when I go home every day, I deal with all my personal issues.”
Crystal Arrington, Allen’s former school counselor, describes Allen as a student with a great future.
“B’younce is a student who has exemplified a great deal of resilience,” Arrington said, “ A grown woman with many experiences, I can’t even say that I would be in a position to move forward like she continues to do. I think that she has made the conscious choice of choosing success over sympathy. I look forward to the contributions that B’younce will make to her community and beyond.”
Allen says that since her mother died, life has been “OK” but it would be better if her mother was still alive.
“I take it one day at a time,” she said.

Myion Chatman

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