Let’s keep Houston clean post Super Bowl LI

Turn to another major sporting event, 2016 Rio Olympics and the similarities of city-wide development between Houston and Rio are uncanny.
It’s almost formulaic, a significant sporting event comes to a city that is lackluster in terms of development.
Houston rapidly develops by accelerating construction and removing “unsightly” things from the city – people included.
Houston rolled out the red carpet by decorating the entire area with overhyped sports banners.
Both residents and tourists flocked to the event with major excitement.
City throws the major sporting event inviting spectators from the around the world to come witness the sporting event.
Event happens and tourists flock out of Houston as fast as they came.
Houston returns to its snail-like development process, unsightly things return and the public is left pondering, “Why does it take a major event to clean up our beloved city of Houston?”
Though the benefits and propaganda of the Super Bowl were glamourous, just take notice at how rapidly development occurred. Why did it take Super Bowl LI for change to take place?
Well it’s obvious that Houston wanted to present itself as the pristine city that it claims to be.
There is nothing wrong with attempting to better the city, but if our tax dollars are only given life during major events, it leaves the public wondering why change was not implemented sooner.
The Super Bowl was detrimental for the city in terms of long-term development. On a normal construction schedule, workers are employed for managing road construction and home building, but many construction workers were dispatched to other Houston sites to aid in the development of hotels and parking lots for the sake of the Super Bowl.
As far as workers go, the hundreds of people that landed a job in Houston construction or as a part of a clean up crew were laid off after the Super Bowl hype.
The development needs to be finished for the sake of the people of Houston, not for the sake of our visitors.
Though it is understandable that Houston wanted to roll out the red carpet for our visitors, construction should be done to improve the lives of the townsfolk, not the one-time sightseers. Because after all, we Houstonians live here EVERY DAY.

Roberto Rodriguez

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