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Teen scores hit on Houston-based movie

Kymora Simone discovered her love for music at a young age by playing around with a toy piano and copying notes down.
Although she started singing in the third grade and was a part of a girl singing group at Walipp Middle School, it wasn’t until her freshman year at Westbury High School when she really found her nook into the music business in a big way.
The sophomore scored her first big break – pinning a song for the movie, The Perfect Wife, which stars Omar Gooding, Donny Boaz, Antwon Tanner and more.
While out selling her music at the Black Market Place, Jonathan Milton, the director of the movie, set up his booth next to Simone’s. He inquired about what she was selling and once she told him, he became interested in her music and asked her to write a song for his upcoming movie. After the contract was written and signed, the rest was history.
“It was challenging for me because I had to get into another headspace and put my emotions into the movie based just on the title because I hadn’t seen the movie yet,” the teen recalled.
Luckily with her mother as her manager and a supportive group of family and friends by her side to help her along the way, she prevailed and the movie was released last month in select AMC theaters.
“I’ve always wanted my song to be in a movie so it was like living a dream. My family, friends, cousins and even teachers went to go see it and they all loved it.”
While on the red carpet, she had the opportunity to meet the cast of the movie and though this was her first red carpet appearance, she knew what to expect.
“Actors tend to be real down-to-earth people. Getting acquainted with each other was all good vibes. It wasn’t just me supporting them but vice versa,” she said.
This is only the beginning for Simone. She already has two CD’s out and aspires to continue living her dreams.
“The overall experience for me was a learning one. It taught me how to be more of a business person and to step out of my comfort zone,” the songwriter said.
However, Simone’s musical career was not always smooth sailing.
“The first time I performed it was horrible. I didn’t even end up singing,” the teen said.
And like any artist, she has
even received rejections from potential clients.
“My first rejection was sad at first. It really did get to me but you have to have a supportive group around you in order for you to stay on your path,” she said.
Since then, Simone has sung at different venues and aspires to go on tour and travel the world one day, even singing in different languages.
“I want to know at least the basics of every language by the end of this year,” she said. “It will help with my music because I will be able to attract a bigger audience and engage with more diverse cultures.”
Her advice to others with aspirational goals and dreams – “Make sure you love what you do and do it for you.”

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