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Racism is becoming stylish again

“Nazis are bad” should be a completely uncontroversial opinion.
The National Socialist German Workers’  Party, or Nazi party, was responsible for the genocide of about 11 million people during WWII, six million of which were Jewish.
When someone is responsible for killing 11 million people, they should be able to be called objectively bad.
So why do we tolerate the self-proclaimed “Alt-Right”? Why, when evidence of actual fascism within the current political climate is bold-facedly shown, do we call them “people with differing political opinions?”
Why do we accept the literal neo-nazism alive and thriving in modern-day society when it should be left in the unfortunately not-so-distant past? Why do we tolerate the crap?
There are a few theories. The most compelling of these right now – style.
Face it – when new-age Nazis were balding, heavyset men with goatees and soul patches, swastikas printed on their foreheads, people did not want to be Nazis. Part of the idea behind the original Nazi uniforms, designed by Hugo Boss himself, was to create a stylish silhouette for soldiers to make them attractive to the German public.
Now the “Alt-Right” is here with  pocket squares and sharp haircuts and it seems the people once again can’t see the onset of a fascist regime when it is clothed in an Italian suit.
The signs of fascism are all there – aggressive nationalism, use of distinct groups as the scapegoat or reason behind all the country’s troubles, obsession with national security and controlled mass media are amongst some of the tells that mark a new regime coming to rule.
What is wrong with us? People will call anything under the sun that they dislike a Nazi – from feminists to people who are just a little too into grammar rules. But some gent in a tailor-made three-piece suit says he doesn’t like being called a Nazi and suddenly it’s rude or improper? That shouldn’t be the way things go. Someone who cries for ethnic cleansing (yes, Richard Spencer of the “alt-right” has in fact requested Americans discuss rather than giving reparations to African-Americans, that people should wonder if they “were necessary at all” and to consider “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” whatever that is, and big hint: it doesn’t exist) should be called a Nazi, point blank.
Unfortunately, I believe Americans allowed this.
Our obsession with freedom of speech as a medium to say whatever uncouth or downright vulgar thing comes to mind led to the election of president “tells it like it is” as an “honest man.”
People plead that everyone’s opinions must be heard and respected because of first-amendment rights. I refuse to believe that. Once you call for my blood, you have forfeited my ear.
The government can’t tell the alt-right to shut up but my first-amendment rights mean I most certainly can!
I promise you. I will be using them.

N. Freeman
N. Freeman is a seventeen year old queer mixed-race creative from Canton, Ohio, now based in Houston at the Chronicle after eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. They like dancing, drawing, graphic design, painting, writing, singing in the shower, baking, horseback riding, long walks on the beach, and cute animals. Freeman is a Virgo who only believes in Astrology when it says something positive. They are a firm believer in intersectional justice, the power of a good nap, and healthy self expression.

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