Zac Brown Band concludes the Rodeo season

Despite being a proud Texan, I’ve never been fond of Country music. I’d say it sounds all alike lacking in variety. But, I am proud to say that I was proven wrong when I heard the musical talents of Zac Brown Band.
Zachry Alexander Brown truly deserves his name on the band title because his energy is just so charismatic and charming, and the other performers gave it everything they had.
The audience was equally entertaining, without a doubt I looked like an outcast because I was not singing along to their songs and everyone had that natural admiration for the band that left me astounded.
Without a clear description, Zac Brown Band was the most appropriate band to close out the 2017 Rodeo performance, because if they weren’t the final act, I would be convinced that their show would not have been as good as it was.
When I was leaving the seats, even though Rodeo season was over, there was not a single tear shed, just happy faces all around.
Hopefully, next year the Rodeo is just as hyped as this year because some amazing talents were center stage, and hopefully next year the tradition will be carried with all the performers.

Roberto Rodriguez

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