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Sam Hunt performs on his first rodeo stage

Sam Hunt blew the roof of of the NRG Stadium Monday the 13 of March during his debut performance at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo. He performed many songs from his album, Montevallo; with fan favorites including “Take Your Time”, “House Party”, “Ex To See”, “Make You Miss Me” and more.

Everyone in the stadium could sense his excitement to be performing at what he called,”the biggest rodeo in the world.” He brought undeniable energy to the rotating stage in the middle of the stadium. However, that stage couldn’t even contain the country singer. Instead, during one point in his performance he ran along the outskirts of the gate separating him from his fans and got up and close and personal with them by holding the mic out to sing along and climbing the gate to get a more intimate connection with them.

Between gaining connections with his fans, performing, and playing his musical instruments, he constantly expressed the excitement he felt to be getting married to his wife. He shared of his humble beginnings and how he has grown in the industry thanks to his committed fans and amazing team.

Overall, his unforgettable debut will go down in history. His passion and humbleness showed straight through the bright lights and dust of the rodeo.


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