Blink-182 vibes were strong at the Rodeo

Words cannot describe the pure happiness I felt while watching Blink-182 in concert. Before even knowing what the term music was, my father would past his Blink-182 albums and the nonsense antics of this band left wanting to live the life of a rocker.

Ignoring nostalgia, they gave an amazing performance, however the band has not been the same since Tom’s departure in 2015, as a longtime fan I noticed this, but with newer fans, which were plentiful in the audience, all they could tell is how amazing they rocked this performance.
They had a nice fusion of classics such as The Rock Show (my personal favorite), along with new hits like Cynical (my new favorite).
I wanted that performance to Last Forever because it’s really All The Small Things that really define this as a band and have inspired a generation.
Not only that, but I invited my best friend to see the performance, and it made me incredibly thrilled that he enjoyed the music of my all-time favorite groups.
If Blink-182 can make a blind visitor like their music, they must be doing something right, and it’s a testament of how they still know how to rock a concert.

Roberto Rodriguez

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