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International women’s day is celebrated around the world

Today, like everyday, is a great day to be a woman. However, today was particularly amazing because women from all different walks of life were celebrated for their achievements in a variety of ways.

Social Media had the biggest impact on the day long celebration. It was nearly impossible to be on social media or the internet and not come across something related to today’s theme-women.

Many historic figures were highlighted as well as the theme of ushering the new generation of women trailblazers. Some of my favorite highlights of women that I came across today are down below.

  1. Google NEVER disappoints through the graphic creations on its front page and today’s was no exception. It was very interactive and gave users the opportunity to scroll through the images and learn about different women pioneers through cartoons. In the doodle a grandmother is seen reading a book to her granddaughter and throughout the doodle the grandmother transforms into women from the past such as Frida Kahlo, Lee Tai-young, Sally Ride and Ida B. Wells. The doodle expounds on the idea of the nurturing side of women and how we must uplift and teach.

    2. Snapchat always finds a way to take things one step further. It’s highly acclaimed filters were all the buzz today. It gave anyone with the app the ability to change their photo to comply with today’s theme. It’s face filters today highlighted Marie Curie (scientist), Rosa Parks (activist) and Frida Kahlo (artist). It gave anyone the opportunity to really see themselves as these influential women. All of these women were honored for their major achievements.

3. was an ad that I came across while on YouTube. This video really stood out to me because of the strong message of unity and hope it had for the future generation of women. It targeted young girls with big dreams and was overall very successful in its message. Click the video down below to watch.

Happy International Women’s Day!!


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