Skip the mall this year for prom! For this one topic I am allowed to say, the struggle is real because prom season is no joke. At least that’s what I’ve learned for my senior year. The clock is ticking and the whispers of prom are arising now and becoming louder.

“So have you looked for a dress yet?”

“What color are you gonna wear?”

And last but not least the most dreaded and over used question: “So who are you going to prom with?”

There are so many things that must be checked off a prom’s check list; your dress being the first one. If you tend to suffer from extreme pickiness you will also have a problem finding a dress like me.

With so many dress stores, one would have thought the search is easy. Wrong. But with a little bit of research I found out a better alternative to the expensive dress stores. The app, Rent the Runway, lets anyone reserve a dress for a weekend or an upcoming event with a few taps. This app sounds like the perfect solution for anyone wanting a designer dress for a great price (without even leaving your bed!). The best part being is that it’s made specifically for that one special night. Ladies there is no need anymore to waste hundreds of dollars on a dress that will later be collecting dust in your closet.

For more information on the app click here

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