Justin Bua visits Houston


World-renown artist, Justin Bua was at the Houston Fine Arts Museum last Friday giving a free lecture about his stylistic drawings of human proportions.
Bua gave a lecture to about fifty local Houston artists ranging from beginner artist to advanced talent. Regardless, Bua is not one to judge so he displayed his mastery of art by going step-by-step and teaching the group how he perfects human face anatomy and then applies it to his work.

“Anyone can be an artist, it’s just a matter of how much you practice. I’ve seen normal people become great artists, and I’ve seen naturally great artists become normal people. “
Bua is most known for his print, “The DJ,” which is one of the most famous prints and the most forged piece of art in the world. However, Bua doesn’t mind as he has turned that fact into a strength as, “replicating is the purest form of flattery.”

He is an artist of so many words, and would make a great philosophy teacher. Just being in the same room as him gave me a rush to continue drawing. Even though the lesson that he taught of basic human face structure was a bit basic for my taste, there were some tips that even I didn’t know when it comes to face-based drawing.

As a part-time artist, being able to interact and strike a conversation with Bua was an experience that is unforgettable. He does some amazing things for the art community, and I’m anxious to see what comes next.

Roberto Rodriguez

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