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Get Out leaves a lasting impression on audience members

The movie, Get Out, will make you want to get out of the theater.

Many emotions were felt when watching the movie. Although it was labeled as a horror/thriller movie, it was also humorous and at times uncomfortable. Under the untouchable direction of Jordan Peele, the movie brings up the ideas of interracial couples and systematic racism. He fearlessly used satire and irony to combine two very opposing ideas that left the audience wanting more; racial tension and horror movies.

Despite the fact that I left the theater highly satisfied with the movie, there were many times that I felt confused. And after reflecting upon the events of the movie there are a lot of loose ends that I wish the movie would’ve clarified. 

The movie started with a foreshadow of an abduction that left me with questions. Though the subject abducted returns to the screen in the middle of the movie where the foreshadow becomes full circle, I think that it took away from the plot of the movie in that the opening of the movie helps the audience decide if the movie is worth watching. Therefore, in my opinion the beginning did not do the movie justice.

The audience is introduced to the main character, Chris-played by Daniel Kaluuya after the abduction scene. His character is dating Rose, who is played by Allison Williams. They decide to travel out of town to meet her parents for the weekend. Allison’s father who is a brain surgeon and mother who is a hypnotist therapist welcome the interracial couple with open arms.

There were many times during the movie that were hilarious-which was a very different experience for me while watching a horror movie. For example, whenever Chris’s friend Rod, played by the comedian Lil Rel Howery, appeared on screen the audience was almost brought to tears by his jokes and antics. In addition, there were many little strategically placed props that added to the plot and theme that are easy to miss if one isn’t paying attention or listening carefully.

However, the most ironic part of the entire movie was in the very beginning when Chris repeatedly asked Rose if her parents knew he was black and if her parents were racist. Although she reassured him that they weren’t and everything was fine, her families true intentions were revealed later on in the film.

This film is a must see because it stands as much more than just a horror movie. It stands as a double meaning and shares the scary reality of a black man that is trapped in a world where he has no control over his thoughts and has no concept of what is real and fake. Yes, the movie is easy to laugh at. Yes, the movie is a thriller. But, it also proves that when an ancestor tells you to get out, you listen.

Overall Rating: 10/10 

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