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Barack Obama will never go out of style

Even though our adored former president is enjoying his time in the water and living it up on the beach while our nation goes up into flames (no hard feelings though Barack, you deserve this), his presidential terms will always be remembered for the amazing president and role model he was for so many and for also the loving connection and commitment he had to his wife.

In a previous blog post (click here to read), I talked about the Thank You Obama clothes line that Chance the Rapper modeled and endorsed for the company. Joe Freshgoods.

Well, Joe Freshgoods isn’t the only clothing company taking a stand to thank Obama. Other clothing lines such as Supreme and Kashmir VIII have added memorabilia for purchase.

The clothing lines not only thank Barack but also members of his family; in particular his wife Michelle Obama. I’m so happy that America was exposed to a loving black marriage during their eight years in the White House. His unconditional love and support for his wife, Michelle, will never be forgotten.

For more information on the lines and where to buy click here

Below are some features from the clothing lines

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Supreme, Barack Obama

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