Houston, Among 20 Most Illegally Populated Metro Areas


http://cms-tn.org/wp-includes/certificates/background-check-for-landlords-it-jobs-maryland.html A recent Pew study has indicated that Houston is among 20 metropolitan areas with high concentrations of illegal immigrants.

Based on government data drawn in 2014 showing that there are about 11.1 million people in the U.S. illegally, the largest concentrations found in New York, Los Angeles and Houston, according to the new study published by the Pew Research Center.

buy chloramphenicol eye drops California ranks first in the number of metro areas with the largest populations of people living in this country illegally: Los Angeles, Riverside-San Bernardino, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose. Texas has three: Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin.

Jeffrey Passel, the study’s co-author and senior demographer at the Pew Research Center, says there are a lot of misconceptions about illegal immigrants and work here in America.

“There’s a view of unauthorized immigrants as working in agriculture, meat processing and doing jobs in rural areas, but there’s just not a lot of workers in agriculture,” says Passel. “The sectors where you find large numbers include construction, service and leisure hospitality.

MORE INFO: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/02/09/514361844/most-immigrants-who-are-here-illegally-reside-in-20-metro-areas-says-pew-study

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