It’s Day 13

And no, i’m not talking about Friday the 13th or any other thirteen-day-related idiosyncrasies.

It’s day 13 of the Trump administration and quite frankly, I am exhausted. 

Since Trump was elected, he has been sued more than 30 times. At least three attorney generals have sued on the behalf of their respective states (Washington, Massachusetts, and New York). Many people have said that Trump has violated civil rights and liberties and has no respect for rule of law, and over 900 career diplomats have signed on a memo of dissent already.

Exhausted isn’t the half of it actually. If this is what can happen in 13 days, then what is to be expected from four years, let alone eight, heaven forbid.

Is this a tactic? Throw obstacle after obstacle at the “opposition” until they finally fall at Trump’s feet, defeated? Chip away at dissenters like a hammer and point until they are shaped in his image to further advance the god complex so clearly shown in his every spite-motivated action?

Some say Trump isn’t that smart. Some say he’s a genius playing a role. Unfortunately, it seems only time will tell.

N. Freeman

N. Freeman is a seventeen year old queer mixed-race creative from Canton, Ohio, now based in Houston at the Chronicle after eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. They like dancing, drawing, graphic design, painting, writing, singing in the shower, baking, horseback riding, long walks on the beach, and cute animals. Freeman is a Virgo who only believes in Astrology when it says something positive. They are a firm believer in intersectional justice, the power of a good nap, and healthy self expression.

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