NFL Experience

The NFL Experience starts the weekend. This weekend is consider the perfect weekend to go before major crowds and tourists come rushing in for superbowl weekend. The event will be hosted at the George R. Brown. The first event will start on Saturday at 10am. Fans will be able to view amazing collection of football-themed exhibits.

This is a major event leading into the 2017 Houston Superbowl.

To avoid long-lines for tickets you can pre-purchase your tickets online or over the phone. For ticket information, can you buy Lyrica over the counter in mexico check out Ticketmaster or call 866-TIX-4NFL.
You can find out more about the event and all their exhibits on follow the NFL Experience website.

buy provigil online south africa Here’s the schedule for the NFL Experience:

  • Sat., Jan. 28: 10AM – 10PM
  • Sun., Jan. 29: 10AM – 8PM
  • Wed., Feb. 1: 3PM – 10PM
  • Thurs., Feb. 2: 3PM – 10PM
  • Fr., Feb. 3: 10AM – 10PM
  • Sat., Feb. 4: 10AM – 10PM
  • Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 5: 10AM – 3PM

Mikayla Lewis

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