Houston Rodeo Scholarship deadline approaching

enter In a perfect world, cowboy boots and scholarships typically have no association with one another, however Houston has always been the black-sheep of the world when it comes to emerging opportunities.

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Yes, the famed Rodeo is back and along with the concerts, livestock shows, and overall fattening food comes great opportunities for high school students to get a jump start with financial assistance.
The scholarships range from $9,000 to $20,000 and they are applicable for a multitude of qualifications.
Live in the metropolitan area or have a military background?
Then these collection of Rodeo scholarships are very essential and provide a hardy buff to financial aid.
The highest ranked one though is the Metropolitan Scholarship, it applies to any one with legal citizenship and applies to anyone living in the United States.

Offering 238 scholarships valuing 20,000 per semester each, it’s not a gross exaggeration to say that these scholarships are worth every second spent on them.
If you have your, mind set on attending a school in Texas than having this scholarship is a good one to have for additional support, but for everyone applying to schools out of state, unfortunately the Rodeo scholarship is exclusively for people attending Texas schools.

The deadline to apply is February 6th.
For more information, click here.

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