Many reacting to the new 45th President

Inauguration day is upon us , and with so much controversy that has been thrown into this 2017 election , many have a lot to say on this momentous day  Рhere are a few words from the office.

¬†” I am very interested to see #1 , how we will be separating his finances as president from profiting with all of his previous companies”

” I would also like to see if he would be using Air Force One , or his Trump luxury plane”

” I am very curious about the first lady , i am not sure she even would want to downsize from the penthouse they live in now into the old White House, it doesn’t seem like she is very interested.” – Saundra

” I was at work all day and didn’t have chance to watch, politics is quite frustrating to keep up with . I predict the the inauguration will go quite quickly so that everyone will just get back to work.” – anonymous¬†

” That stuff is just over my head (politics) I don’t really plan on watching, i am just going to continue doing my job as i do.” – Jason

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