Top 5 Houston Neighborhoods to go Trick-or-Treating

If you’re looking for a great place to go out walking with your friends in costumes, asking for candy from strangers, there are a few places in Houston that stand out for their security, location, and attractions. Here’s five of the best:

1. City of Bellaire

Known as the richest area in the Greater Houston area, you’re sure to score lots of sweets from the friendly residents here. Police units keep a regular patrol to make sure everyone is safe.

2. Houston Heights

This artsy district sports some of the best house decorations ever. Lots of restaurants and venues abound around here. Hungry? Grab a slice of Pink’s Pizza. And if you’re bored on Halloween, Fitzgerald’s is close by.

 3. Briargrove

It’s like Bellaire but closer to the Galleria. Food, ice skating, movies and more are only a short drive away.

4. Meyerland

The hospitality here is unmatched.

5. Piney Point

If you’re with a group, this is the place to be. Spacious streets and generous foliage provided by the oak trees in the area make for an inviting atmosphere.

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