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20th century love hits the big screen

go The quirky comedy 20th Century Women , takes place in the late 70’s where a older woman struggles to relate to her 15 year old son who seems to be rebelling. The common theme within the film being ” How to raise a man without a man ” .  With the alternative take on parenting and blunt humorist elements, this film will keep the audience captivating to see what happens next each second.

enter site  The film  reveals the untold truths of the times, whether it be lighthearted band feuds or the insight into the 20th century realm of feminism. The audience will begin to grow an attachment to each as the movie goes on and revels the past behind them bringing there purpose to light.

The films blunt humor and quirky awkwardness  brings the film to life making it that much more relate-able and real. ” I was not ready for that ” said an audience member leaving the theater. If there are any preconceptions of what the film be like, magnify that times 10 and there goes the movie.  With the heart of an indie film – so tumblr it should have its own blog , the movie prevails before the big screen.

Ultimately the film was absolutely astounding , being so true to the time and unlike anything that has been in the theaters for a long time. The way the film is portrayed ages from 17 to 75 would have a blast viewing this heartfelt comedy.

Come see 20th Century Woman in theaters January 20th.

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