Rengar is Fun

Today, I practiced my league skills by not dying with Rengar.

Now, Rengar’s a unique character because he has no mana bar but instead has a mechanic called Ferocity. Ferocity stacks by up to 5 and increases by one each time you use an ability on an enemy. Naturally this means that your ferocity reaches its maximum, 5, pretty quickly because your moves build off each other. Q increases attack damage for the next attack and attack speed for a certain duration. W does AOE damage. E is a projectile that stuns enemies, and the ult, R, turns you invisible while revealing the location of enemy champions.

Well I had a lot of fun playing him. I went into a custom match with my friend who’s been playing since Beta, and is now in Gold II (a pretty darn good player), and practiced last-hitting in top lane. I got the hang of it after a while. However I still died a couple of times to those pesky minions because I wasn’t being careful and watching my HP. Rengar doesn’t tank very well- he’s a hit and run assassin.

Another thing I liked about Rengar was his ability to leap at enemies while concealed in the bushes. This sets you up perfectly for chasing gankers, or anyone who’s dumb enough to attempt to flee Rengar through the bushes, his natural territory. I smell a strong potential for fun and abuse with this unique ability. What I did was practice hiding in the bushes, pouncing on minions, then retreating back to the undergrowth where they couldn’t see me.

Even though I lost, I had fun, and learned a lot about the basics of last hitting and using Rengar. 10/10 would play again (before he gets nerfed).

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