Jonas Brothers: Gone Again

source Earlier today, the Jonas Brothers announced their official separation as a band and their plan to each continue to make music via solo careers.

source site With that said, who even knew that this endless hiatus they had been taking wasn’t the separation already? Definitely not me.

I mean, don’t get me wrong: I, too, experienced the thrill of what it meant to be an obsessed preteen JB fan at the time of their prime. I even saw them perform in concert three times(not including the countless times I watched their 3D movie).

With that confession, I am certainly not trying to disrespect their shine by assuming that once the music ceased, so did the band. However, after their last group album, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times, totally flopped along with both Nick and Joe’s solo projects and their recently released single, one can only assume that the show was over.

Perhaps it was out of common courtesy that they felt obligated to officially tell the world, to take the fans at heart like myself out of their state of assumptions and let the die-hard fans down easy.

Whatever the reason, what’s done is done and I can honestly say that I think it was in the best interest of each member to split. Also, I am now anxiously anticipating the new sound that each brother will take on individually. Bring on the music.

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