Dinner and a movie dates are so 2014

The original image of a date is a dinner and a movie but let’s be honest the basic cliché has to be left in the year 2014. Let us start our new year with more interesting and fun adventures!

Listen up couples it’s time to spice things up in the dating department! Ahhh dates. I seriously dread them on occasions. I hope many can agree with my thoughts. I hate having to go through the same process every weekend, searching online what movies are playing in theaters and ending up hating every movie playing. The dinner option was not even an option. In my situation with me and my significant other, dinner is not something we would desire. Boring!

“Why don’t you just try new restaurants or foods?” said everyone. WE HAVE (and we figured out sushi is the best thing ever.)

The sad truth is I can’t make up my mind or decide anything. We couples all know this famous question which irritates us all: “What do you wanna do?” Right next to, “What do you wanna eat?”

Stop hating the process of a date and read these 120 unique date ideas here. With this website couples are bound to find something worth discussing about (I know we did). Finally avoid those horrid questions for 2017!

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