The keys to keeping a New Year’s Resolution

There is a lot to consider this year, with the presidency and the problems that still linger from 2016, and the inevitability of an awful Emoji coming out.
Regardless, a thing that revolves around everyone’s mind when walking into the new year is sticking to their New Year’s Resolution.

The most common argument against sticking to a resolution is “I don’t have time.” The subject has no time for losing weight, no time for giving up smoking or another habit, and no time to be a better person.
The truth is that there are 24 hours in a day and that time is so flexible based on three core things, source url priorities, enter cost and pfizer neurontin 300 mg cap deadlines.

What does this mean?
In a research experiment conducted by Ohio State University, middle-age women were asked to keep a time log of all their activities because they claimed to be extremely busy to the point that they had no time for self-progression.
However, when one of the women’s water heaters breaks and has four children under her roof, in a schedule that was just to locked and inflexible, she managed to find seven hours throughout her week to repair her water heater.
How did this happen?
It’s a matter of being able to establish what is a priority. With a household of over six people, the women needed to scrape every single minute to fixing that water heater, because she gave it a priority.
That translates to the next point, when someone says, “I don’t have time” it really means that the activity they were given was not a priority to them.
Next is cost, whenever our car begins to act up, we invest hundreds of dollars annually into a vehicle without regard to the cost, but rather we invest because it is a priority.
This applies to insurance, healthcare, and even jobs, because everyone, “doesn’t have time” until their way of life runs the risk of being jeopardized.
Finally, comes deadlines. As young people constantly being in school, when confronted with deadlines, people tend to increase their workload to meet the deadline. Without that concept there would be no procrastinators in this world.
A deadline should not be your motivation to just halfheartedly complete a task, it should be their to motivate you to complete the desired outcome with everything in their being.

Why am I saying this?
A New Year’s resolution is destined to be swept under the rug until next year unless a clear deadline and cost is invested and that the resolution because a key priority in the subject’s life.
So the key to following through with that resolution that you made for yourself is to set clear goals for yourself and transfer your newfound resolution be your primary priority.

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