A spring of scholarships

The final wave of college applications has come and gone for a majority of schools with deadlines that started as early as October 1st and concluding admission on January 1st. However, even though applications are submitted, there are still a massive amount of scholarships and funding that must be incorporated before you can even step foot on campus.

The spring semester should be the time when scholarship and internship opportunities open up, and it’s best to take advantage of them to make college more financially accessible. However, all things require steady planning. Here is a brief review and recommendation for online apps that can assist in finding great scholarship opportunities:
source link Scholly: This app is more accessible now that it is free to download and it is a great resource that caters to any scholar. What allows this app to shine in deep comparison to standard scholarship generators is that it takes in account multiple things such as: majors, interests, community service and even involvement in the LGBT community. It has a great display of deadlines and goals that really help procrastinators (such as myself) navigate scholarship opportunities with ease.

see SAIL Scholarship Search: This recent app was developed with a simple consumer in mind. It explains every scholarship in depth and allows simple navigation to search for scholarships. However, it is unique from Scholly in that it takes into account each specific college so that the user is aware of the cost of attendance and how each scholarship can impact the overall cost of attending.

Finally, a good website to have bookmarked during this time would be fastweb.com. http://versatilegrannyflats.com.au/1versatilegrannyflatskitchendesign-showroom-copy/ Fastweb offers personalized scholarship navigation and even has a database for college admission and a spreadsheet for the average total costs of attending colleges.

Apps and websites are the perfect way to maintain a head start when it comes to newly arising scholarship information, and the best advice that can be given on the subject would be: even if a scholarship is just $50, it’s worth it because it’s $50 you didn’t have before.

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