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Why Him? You’ll see why

see The R rated holiday comedy “Why Him?” staring the comically acclaimed Zoey Deutch, James Franco and Bryan Cranston is sure not to disappoint.

where can i buy prednisone for my cat This hilarious film takes the viewer into a new realm of ridiculous humor, where a father finds that his perfectly innocent daughter isn’t not so perfect or innocent anymore. James Franco takes on the role of the extremely wealthy reckless boyfriend that seemingly ruins that ” perfect daughter” and gives her a new outlook on life.

Between the  shocking surprises and twists within the plot , it is impossible to fall asleep in the theaters while this movie is rolling.

The inappropriate adult humor and suggestive scenes do recommend that anyone under the appropriate age should watch the movie, but for those who are of age – it will be surely enjoyable.

This movie will definitely result in some cry laughing episodes , but also has a heartfelt core surrounded around understanding of the new generation versus the old.

Check out “Why Him?” in theaters Friday December 23rd


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