Aleppo stands on the verge of destruction

Aleppo is currently the major headline in tragedy around the world, most notably, the images seen from the slaughter of children and women and the flood of ‘final video messages’ left by former Aleppo citizens.
The current situation can only be described as one word: genocide. In human history, we always promise that events like these will “never again” happen. The Holocaust, Rwanda, and now Aleppo are all examples of genocide, and all arguments against this can easily be disproven by the thousands of orphaned children stranded on the streets waiting only one fate, death.

go site What is Aleppo?
Aleppo is a Syrian city that has been the center of conflict over the past months, however on December 13th, war struck out on the city against the dictator and the rebels, resulting in bone-chilling scenes of child death and the world-over wondering, “Where is the humanity left in these humans?”
The once beautiful city of Aleppo use to be the home of beautiful locations and was truly an attraction sight in Syria, but now, over four generations of Aleppo progression has been reversed almost over night, and these events leave the world in a sense of despair and tragedy.

 Where do we go from now?
Educate yourself. As a message to the world, because ignorance leads to a lack of acceptance, which leads to destruction. It’s unfortunate that the world didn’t learn its lesson when thousands were slaughtered due to their religion and appearance, but now the world is suffering that same pain. If the images of Aleppo children being brutally slaughtered do not sway nations to lead assistance, that there truly is no humanity left in these humans.

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