‘Tis the season to be jolly and decorate!


Deltasone online no prescription lightsRaise your hand if you suffer from procrastination… Great you all do! The very loved holiday Christmas is quickly approaching and us procrastinators are not ready!

Life hit me like a literal wrecking ball these past weeks. Making Christmas now a challenge I had to deal with.

I thought I had more time to infuse myself with holly and jolly essences . To be that annoying Christmas person full in spirit was what I desired. (You know you want to as well)

The sad truth was I was too caught up with work and responsibilities. All the Christmas stuff simply flew right passed me. I missed helping put ornaments in the tree. I missed the sight of my mother plug the colorful red and blue lights. I missed memories.

I needed me a pick me up after the horrible thing called life crept into my holiday spirit.

The perfect solution: Decorating!

Although decorating can seems like a joke or a waste of time, it can overall be a stress reliever.

Imagine walking into your home/room and you immediately jump into a Christmas wonderland!

I was determined to make these last couple of weeks of December more happy. But of course I did go through the process of distractions. I repeatedly told myself I had no time or no skills.

Ta-da! Another solution.

Seasonal Decorating


I found a great website with creative ideas. Once again all being very simple. #Basic

Believe me the decorations are all things one can easily find around the house. (if not hidden somewhere in the shadows of your garage/attic)

Although I am sorry to say you will have to do some physical movement to complete some.

You will have to do the impossible.

Get up.

And go outside.

The horror!

Some require you to occupy branches, pine cones, or pine tree branches. The choice is yours.


Although its been said before, “just throw some stuff together” we actually mean it this time. Just throw some stuff together. The overall results will be a positive though. Open up that creative mind of yours for a quick  minute. You never know, a decorated room for you could unleash many positive and jolly vibes!

Enjoy the holidays!

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