Roy Woods is now a fan of Houston

The question of rapper Roy Woods’s performance is finally answered. With the arrival of Woods at Warehouse Live, the presences of hundreds of fans also flowed in on December 7th 2016 for the Unlocked Tour.

Woods definitely left the crowd craving for more with this being his first performance at Warehouse Live.

The DJ warmed up the crowd with top hits, left the crowd eager and already dancing. The shouts of fans are shared as Woods walks onto the stage with a big smile. He begins with the song “Sonic Boom”. As he rooms around the stage, the crowd follows him with hands touching almost every inch on his body.

Woods top two songs, “Drama” ft. Drake and “Why” did receive the intended reaction but to our surprise almost every song began with the roaring shouts of fans, all excited to hear the intense lyrics. All songs received much love.

The interaction and aliveness was beyond reality. Fans got to interact so much with Woods as he 99.99% of the time spent it trapped in the hands of fans at the edge of the stage. Woods even repeatedly lifts his shirt, almost as to give his fans the chance to touch him.

The atmosphere of the room could only be described by one word: Emotional. One could no doubt see the feelings and fury Woods expressed. Energy and passion was poured into every song with every dance move, face expression and lyric.

Once the beat dropped the crowd knew immediately which song was next, Drama. At the end of the song after everyone got the chance to catch their breath, Woods quickly gave a shout out to “Drizzy” aka rapper and singer, Drake. Woods even pointed to his shirt with the image and face of Drake.

Woods doesn’t stop by only thanking Drake but by also thanking his fans.

He continuously let the crowd know they are loved and even admits to this being the, “Lives’ fucking concert in tour!” While also promising to return to his now favorite city, Houston.

The best and most unique characters represented by artist Woods show on Wednesday could be all felt, seen and heard with passion being spilled from left to right. The concert was overall a success.


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