How to survive final exams season

High school students and college students nationwide are getting their coffee mugs and 5-hour energy bottles ready for their final exams before the holiday break.
To save you hours of cramming and panicking, just remember the three S’s: shutdown, schedule and sleep.

1. Shutdown any and all electronics because they will distract you. Studying is hard work, but it’s made more difficult when the constant buzz of a cell phone notification is going off. A good tip to remember the shutdown process of final reviewing is to make sure that all review pieces are in material form. This is because even studying on a laptop or tablet can be distracting. It’s best just to put your favorite song on repeat, hide your device and prepare yourself for exams.

2. Schedule an attack plan. My AP Language teacher, Diane Morrow, put it best when she said, “When you get your test on final day tell yourself you are going to pass, and attack the test with 110%.” Scheduling is not only a good life tip, but it’s also a good studying tool. Even if you schedule 15 minutes of studying each day toward exams, it will save you hours of cramming the night before. It’s best to accommodate schedules to the final exam school schedule. For instance, if your calculus final is the first one you are taking, study that subject first.

3. Sleep will be your best friend during finals. No one needs to take a psychology class to learn that sleep is important. Sleep not only strengthens your immune system and regulates body necessities, but sleep is your number one helper in converting short term memory into long term memory which is vital to exam day success. So rather than cramming the night before, take time to sleep and rest. Also never sleep between exams, naps that exceed 15 minutes transition the brain to shut down so the rest of your finals will be completed with a tired mindset.


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