20th anniversary Pokemon games become a huge success

Main character ash and Pikachu
Pokemon Gotta Catch’em all original game

http://ezeta.com/index.php?option=com_content The widely-known franchise named Pokemon, is celebrating its 20 year anniversary with the release of their newest game duo, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Having been released two weeks ago, it has become Nintendo’s fastest selling game in history with a total of four million copies sold worldwide.
The game itself is a celebration to the networking Pokemon began in 1996, the game was released in nine different languages and had a global release, which is also the first time a Pokemon game has done this.

Pokemon Go

watch How has this game generated a massive following?
The answer lies with the success of the mobile game Pokemon Go. Grossing over a billion dollars in revenue, the game awarded long-time fans with a game that allows players to catch Pokemon with Augmented Reality, but it also managed to revive old fans of these collectible pocket monsters.
But unlike Pokemon Go, and it’s predecessors, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon bring something unique to the table. These games served as a soft reboot to the iconic Pokemon game formula.
Now having a heavier emphasis on storytelling and character development, these celebratory games really pull at every player’s heart strings.
It introduces a theme of family breakup and social corruption, and even has a heavier emphasis on the message that things don’t last forever.sunmoon
The production of Pokemon Sun and Moon began in 2008, when early concepts of the game were introduced and it really shows the effort that the Pokemon Company incorporates into their franchise. For example, in 2008, the trend began with all human character in Pokemon being named after types of flowers, and that trend has remained ever since.
It was truly little details like that that really provided true nostalgia for the players that have joined Pokemon’s endeavors for the past twenty years.


The games were well-received and they have been acclaimed as the best installments in the franchise since the originals back in 1996. Fans old and new can both enjoy this homage to a renown franchise that has attracted a great following that has lasted the test of time.

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