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Holiday lights , cool nights and Vlogmas?

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follow link For many festive holiday lovers its the holiday lights, warm hot cocoa , or holiday classics across the television that get them into the holiday spirit – but for avid YouTube watchers such as myself it doesn’t feel like the holidays without Vlogmas.

here Vlogmas is a tradition started on the popular video-sharing website YouTube where video blogs are posted by the user each day up until Christmas. Within these videos the watcher is taken into into the bloggers everyday life, Christmas festivities and all the craziness and fun that goes on up until the holiday.

This gives the viewer to not only get more of insight into the everyday lives of their favorite Youtuber ( Person that frequently posts to YouTube), but also see what different traditions individuals carry out all of the world during the holiday season.

Among these Youtubers that will be participating in Vlogmas this year is

Zoe Sugg – Zoella 

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British Beauty blogger

Erik Conover


New York Travel blogger

Sierra Furtado- Sierra and Alex


California Couple bloggers

Vlogmas is definitely something to watch to get into the holiday spirit, among these bloggers are many more so log into YouTube , get a comfy blanket and cocoa ready for some vlog watching.

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