The Hrithik Syndrome

click There is something thoroughly deluding about imagining the most beautiful of guys, being promised the most beautiful of guys, and then being faced with someone surely very handsome, but not quite at the proper godly Matt Bomer level.

buy provigil modafinil There is something equally deluding about thinking you have met the perfect guy and then finding out that inside he is actually the dumbest, most immature of human beings and that the guy who actually is perfect has never quite existed but as a Greek statue.

Because let’s face it. Those Greek statues were spot on. If Perseus by Cellini suddenly came alive, forget Matt Bomer or even Orlando Bloom (as traitorous as that would be); I’d be stalking him.

But let me remember, that looks are not everything. Guys should be smart and like everything I like, especially Monopoly. Loving hot chocolate is an added plus, and maybe puzzles (although that is probably to much to ask). But looks surely can’t hurt.

The Hrithik Syndrome (named for Hrithik Roshan, a Bollywood actor who somehow looks good in pictures, but pretty awful in candid shots) is hypocritical.

I mean sure, on a good day, my hair is perfect and I avoid looking like a crazy person, but that happens only rarely. Ninety percent of the time I look like I just graduated from fifth grade, my tights are filled with holes, but way less than my face is by the plague: acne.

And then I wonder if there are guys out there who are looking at paintings of the Venus or rather pictures of Natalie Portman and wondering why no one looks like her and look at me and think I look like a crazy, homeless person with the fashion sense of a toddler and the looks of a seal.

So yes, I can and do have crazy high expectations for guys. Curly hair, penetrating eyes, non broody temperament, with leg muscles that are way less developed than mine (this is a personal problem I am trying to overcome), and an ambition to match mine (which is slightly overwhelming), but I sure hope that no one has those for their perfect girl.

Or else there goes my fairy tale ending.

Picture of Hrithik Roshan. 

Silvia Pera

Silvia is a current senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. She writes for the Houston Chronicle classroom newspaper, DUDE magazine, and the Carnegie Voice (her school's newspaper). She is co-print editor for the Chronicle Insight.

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