Gasser Charged with Manslaughter in McKnight Shooting


The Jefferson Parish sheriff stated mid-Tuesday that Ronald Gasser, the killer of ex-NFL player Joe McKnight, was taken back into custody and charged with manslaughter.

The move comes the week after the former running back was killed during a road rage incident in Louisiana. Witnesses state that McKnight cut off Gasser, which led him to chase the former professional football player. It is believed the two continuously cut each other off and this sparked a confrontation which left McKnight dead at the hands of Gasser’s firearm.

During a press conference, Normand remained firm that the time taken to investigate has been beneficial to the developments his team uncovered, making it clear that he believes the shooting was not race-provoked, but rather “two people engaged in bad behavior”. The presser seemed more aimed towards silencing the critics of the department’s handling of the case. Normand repeatedly, noted the “bogus” witness accounts that claimed Gasser used racial slurs before the shooting.

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