It is 1975 again in Houston


The English, alternative rock band The 1975¬†had made a stop yet again in Houston for their “ I like it when you sleep,you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.” ¬†North America 2016 tour at Houston’s Revention Music Center.



Not only were fans lined up outside hours before the opening of the venue , but in between the first song lead singer Mathew Healy (shown in the photo on the left), asked everyone to take steps back to prevent injuries.



There was no doubt that Houston showed up the 1975.

The band’s sound was amazing. The crowd joined in each knowing every lyric to the ballads sang. Those in the audience were just as emotional as the lyrics sang when songs were played such as, ” Somebody else” and ” If i believe you” .



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During the song “ Loving someone” , the band made a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community – setting the background to a rainbow.

Also before playing the song, ” Paris” Healy asked that everyone put away there cellphones stating-

It’s weird for me to sing a very emotional and personal song to the back of cellphones screens , so ask that all of you put them away , and be in the moment here and now. Believe me this memory will be more than any picture or video that could be captured.

Which was incredibly true. The crowd swayed with the music engulfed in sound and moment filled with good vibes.


The 1975 also have another show date tonight – November 27th at Revention Music Center as well , so go check it out . There will definitely be no regrets in being a part of the 1975 experience.

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