Ate too much at Thanksgiving dinner? Caucasian man takes nap in a comfortable leather chair

click here We all know Thanksgiving will be arriving any second now and we literally can’t wait to stuff our mouths with turkey, buttery mashed potatoes and green bean casserole!

Don’t exactly eat that?

That’s fine but me and you both know tomorrow will be definitely filled with delicious foods and desserts!

With the effects of grabbing seconds or even thirds we tend to end up feeling like a swollen fattening blueberry like our good friend Violet from the movie Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. 

Well not to worry my turkey loving friends I have a solution.

And sadly it’s the not exactly the same solution Violet found her self jammed into.

No instead the answers to our problems are…. Ready? Stretches!

While roaming around the internet I gladly found a website made to support this argument.

I never really focused nor payed much attention to the horrible too-full and nauseating feeling I always get after a big thanksgiving dinner.

But after finding many stretches and movements made specifically to get rid of a full tummy I knew I could avoid this horrid feeling this year.

So now I urge you to join me and try! Do these simple stretches and ease yourself this holiday!

Happy Holidays!

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