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Kids send letter to “The mean man” (Donald Trump)

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A group of parents came together and started a campaign called “Dear President Trump: Letters from Kids About Kindness”. 

It is not only the adults that were affected by Trump’s victory against Clinton the kids are as well. Why not hear from the kids on how they personally feel about the election results and how the issue is to them.

Facebook now has a group where children up to 18 can write letter to President elect- Donald Trump about the importance of being kind to others. Rules before sending off your letter: * Please, keep it positive. The letters should be kind in tone and non-partisan. Consider this as your opportunity to persuade.”

* Take a picture of the letter and post it in this group. “

(We suggest leaving your mailing address off the publicly shared image.) Send to: Trump Tower, 725 5th Ave, NY, NY, 10022

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