Mac Miller lit up Revention music center


Mac Miller preformed in Houston, at the Revention music center yesterday for his GO:OD AM tour. Starting off the show was a Dj that hyped the crowd with popular hip hop music. The venue felt more like a party setting than a traditional concert , which made for an even better experience.

When Mac Miller entered the stage the crowd engagement and energy from his stage presence was captivating. The way he put emphasis on his lyrics and moved with the bounce of the music made the crowd do the same.


He spread positivity with words such as , ” Don’t let people tell you that being mad is cool , that ain’t cool. Don’t let people take your joy away , be happy for you.”


When he had finished with his original set list , he proceeded off stage coming back a few minutes after for an encore after the crowd shouted  , “ One more song! ” and ” Mac! ” consistently not ready to leave yet.

He came back stating that he would do one more song, which was his old hit ” Nikes On My Feet “.

He then proceeded to do two more songs within his encore performance stating, “ I only do this for crowds I really (like)


Before the last song Mac made sure the crowd was the wildest it could get. He then told explained to the crowd that he wants everybody to let go and be on their feet because that is his favorite song to end the night with. The crowd did just that- with jumping , shouting and dancing making for a great commencement to the night.

The young rambunctious crowd fit the environment perfectly. The notion of being ” Young wild and free ” expressed the context of the night.


The Houston stop on the GO:OD AM tour for Mac Miller, was definitely a success. Any young hip-hop fan should come out to see his show not only for his own performance, but for the entire experience of attending a night with Mac Miller .

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