Strolling Down the Dirty Avenue

This week, the walking tour involved three stops. And only two were accomplished, but they were absolutely fantastic!

To kick off our eating out addition to the walking tour we went to Barnaby’s Cafe and then we headed toward the Alley Theatre.

buy modafinil russia Barnaby’s (Downtown Location)

Barnaby’s cannot be described as glamorous, but it is even better: it is relaxing and beautiful and very, very good. Inside the walls are plastered with drawings of dogs and Halloween decorations. Barnaby’s has a history of dog love and the porches outside allow dogs to enjoy lunch or dinner with their human companions.

Barnaby’s has amazing food, but enormous portions. Starters come with the lunch and they are as much of a meal as the rest of the lunch orders.

Barnaby’s is justly famous for their burgers. I ordered a Free Range Grass-Fed Buffalo Burger and it was very good. Unlike many burgers, the patty was not plastic like, but made of real, and very good, bread. The burger inside was also made to the perfect level of juiciness and was also pretty much amazing. It came with a super size portion of fries.

My friends and I ordered a sweet potato fries starter which is definitely recommended. Even though I am not a huge fan of sweet potato fries, I am a fan of these.

We also ordered the house salad which is more of an entire garden than a salad. The bowl itself was enormous and filled to the brim with lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, and even bacon. Finally, we ordered a rib-eye steak which was cooked well.

From the deserts, the chocolate addiction cake is highly recommended. The cake is made of truly good chocolate which is hard to find on cakes in America.

All in all, Barnaby’s Cafe exceeded my expectations. However, if going on a walking tour, make sure to allow yourself some time to order and eat. Orders come in half an hour, but eating is an elaborate affair consisting of huge plates and tons of food. Alley  follow url Theatre

With a stomach cramp gripping our innards, we headed toward the Alley Theatre. We only got lost about ten times, but finally we found the little cement building which makes up much of Houston’s theater district: the Alley Theatre. The structure is dirtied by age, but inside, the winding staircase is as glamorous as always. The stage with no one inside, but those setting up for the new shows, was enthralling.

At night the theater is beautiful and chock full of people. I encourage everyone to go see the upcoming shows.

The rest of our walking tour was a blur of rushing back to the Chronicle where we picked up our just published newspaper which I hope everyone has a chance to read.

Silvia Pera

Silvia is a current senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. She writes for the Houston Chronicle classroom newspaper, DUDE magazine, and the Carnegie Voice (her school's newspaper). She is co-print editor for the Chronicle Insight.

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