A nation divided

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go This election leaves a lot to be desired. There is so much on the line and the country has never been divided at any time in history as it has right now. At this point, being an active member of the election process it is either a blessing or a feeling of torture.

http://exchangehotelcardiff.co.uk/blog/celebrate-anniversary-exchange/ As a Hispanic male, it’s surprising to see Donald Trump as the winning official in the election, knowing that my childhood friends and the family members who I’ve come to love these past few years will be ripped away from the country.
In school it’s a crazy thought knowing that one day, an economics teacher is telling you that based on proven lifelong statistics that Clinton will win the election, then coming to school the next day and seeing those same teachers cry knowing that their students will never have a chance to finish education in America.

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And the feeling is shared throughout the Hispanic community.
Seeing grandparents cry themselves to sleep this past week has been a sight of tragedy because for as long as they’ve called America home, they know that they will not be accepted as citizens due to their race and their national origin.
This election was surprising to say the least, and in the eyes of both parties the results were surprising in both parties spectrum.

cheap trandate injection According to the theory of economists, the prime factors that result in a party’s victory is based on two core aspects of the nation, the misery index and the inflation rate.

Both were statistically in the Democratic Party’s favor however, it’s a sad sight to see that despite numbers being in favor of Clinton – the opposite party entered the Oval Office.

This election is so divided because for the first time in history, this United States presidential election was not a matter of economics, rather it was a matter of American culture.

Regardless of the results, there was one thing that I could appreciate as a Hispanic male. This was the largest voter turnout that I have witnessed. I saw first-time voters carry their 83 year old relatives to the voting locations to cast a ballot. The effort this year made was so powerful.

If this election taught us anything, it’s that although each of us only has one vote-

that vote matters .

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